Ray Marie Fenger, Front Desk

Few things about me

Ray Marie Fenger attended Loyola University New Orleans pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. She taught for 10 years at the early childhood level taking kids from their first steps as infants to their first steps into their kindergarten classrooms. Ray Marie joined All American in May of 2013 as a Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant. Her charismatic smile welcomes patients into our clinic as she assists them in checking in, scheduling appointments and heading back into our treatment area. She shares All American’s passion for helping people and looks forward to doing just that on a daily basis.

Three facts and a fable.

1. Ray Marie lived in Denton, Texas for 2 years traveling the country with a touring rock band helping to manage their merchandise sales.
2. She loves the sport of CrossFit and survived her first individual competition in April of 2014!
3. Ray Marie has an annoying love of Broadway Musicals and sings around the clinic daily! She was in several musicals in junior high and high school.
4. She hopes to one day become a competitive barrel racer! Complete with the super sparkly shirt, hat, and chaps!

Want to work with me?

I want to help as many people achieve and maintain health through natural means.

Let's get started!
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